How can I join carrotleads?

You can join carrotleads as either a Business/Company or User/Networker:

Businesses looking to accelerate their sales revenue, can straight away join
carrotleads by putting down their email and clicking on the JoIn button. They then register their profile details, namely 
  1. contact information, location etc 
  2. details about the business
  3. leads you are interested in
  4. ?list your sales incentive details
  5. tags to be searched by
  6. public listing & email notification settings
You can now start inviting your contacts to check your sales incentive programs and join as your Networkers. Its easy to join as a Networker on carrotleads (detailed below), they can start sending you leads and you can readily engage .

Networkers can join a company's circle on carrotleads through 2 mechanisms
  1. they received an invitation link from a company & choose to join
  2. they found a company by searching for it on carrotleads & choose to join 
?Networkers can be linked to multiple companies and once registered as a Networker on carrotleads, they can send leads to their linked companies. For more information see "How to become a quality Networker?

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