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Our Aim

The aim of our platform is to help companies and networkers eliminate missed opportunities, monetize business information and take away the barriers to passing on leads / referrals.

We currently have over 125 companies on our platform willing to engage with their fans, contacts and extended networks. They wish to show their gratitude for networkers taking the time and effort to help them grow. Many business offer to donate a goodwill lead fee to charities via our platform and also pay attractive incentives for leads that get converted. Many of the networkers on our platform are business contacts of our companies and we are making a strong push to build a community of business networkers.

The problem & solution

Small and medium businesses have limited sales resources at their disposal and by extension are likely to suffer numerous missed opportunities. This means more cold calls and wasted time/energy pursuing them. Your marketing & sales resources are better spent chasing warm leads with prospects who are looking for your service.
But how and why should ordinary Jo(e) provide you with a warm lead if he has access to business information that is useful for your business. What's in it for him/her. How do they know you exist and are credible or you are willing to reward warm leads.

Its a lot easier for ordinary Jo(e) to consider a single platform like ours to monetize his/her business lead information and choose one of the companies who have pro-actively listed their incentive programs.

Networkers are willing to share leads to companies who are 
1. Suitable
2. Credible and keen to pursue warm leads
3. Engaging & transparent

We have built a platform that solves the above problem and have reduced friction for networkers in giving leads. Companies need to accept or decline when a lead is posted to them. If they are pursuing a lead, then on end of its lifecyle, companies are required to to mark leads as converted or unrealised. Notification of these lead status changes are sent to networkers. Companies and networkers can also manage/track their leads and message each other as needed.

We also have an inbuilt rating mechanism that strongly encourages companies to make good on their promises. As professed by all companies on our platform, it is in their self-interest anyway to do so and engage with the networkers. 

A real example

Our founders use the platform as a networker and they are also keen networkers.

Recently they had given a lead with regards to a software dev project to 3 companies. One barely engaged with the networker( founder) while the other 2 engaged strongly and one of them is still in contention to land the 100k+ project. So next time they are more likely to give lead to the 2 companies who engaged with them if they consider those most suitable for a particular quality lead.

As founders of the platform, we also realise that some our clients are also feeling their way through this at times like us. So we have taken on the role to educate all parties of best practices, obligations etc. and try to remove friction from the sales lead acquisition and reward process.

We are always willing to learn. Do email our CEO & Founder at or post a message here and one of our support team members will respond very soon. 

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