Tips to make a cold contact

For leads where a networker hasn't made a direct referral and chosen to remain anonymous, our advice is to treat it like a typical cold call.

The difference here is that you know that the prospect is looking for a service you offer. So a typical contact may be like this


Hey Guys,

We are XYZ and offer ABC services. In our market research you guys came up as someone who could potentially require our services.

We have great references and you can check it out here and here. 

Let us know of a good time to call in for a 10 min chat.
Alternatively you can book an appointment with us at one of the available time slots in our calendar here



You would ideally use a similar script for a phone call. Please try to customize the script to your industry and personality which should help you sound more authentic.

Market research is undertaken by agile companies regularly where they build a list of potential customers. This is done internally or via external agents and is undertaken by
1. researching entities who fit in their market segment,
2. the probable clients of their competitors
3. knowledge base of current and past employees, fans, contacts, client referrals
4. keeping track of social media feeds

Now if the prospect indicates they are not looking for your service, the lead was unqualified and we advise you to inform the networker of it. This would also be reflected in the ratings.

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